Let’s imagine a world where you can find yourself, a world where you can connect in a simpler and more real way with other people, where to be independent and wake up happy every morning because what awaits us is a unique day, where wonder is around the corner, where the collaborations lead to enrichment and contaminations are a resource.

Let’s imagine a world where the coffee break is in a little public square and to get to work you have to cross an olive grove, let’s imagine opening the window and seeing the sea, the lunch break lying in a meadow.

We imagine new rhythms and alternative horizons.

One experience at a time to rediscover that another way is possible and it is here and it is now.



Inesto is a creative company active in the field of social and urban regeneration, we design coliving and coworking experiences for all those categories of people who are independent of a specific place such as smart workers, digital nomads, and freelancers, in unique and remote places.

We create connections and facilitate personal and social growth by becoming the engine of tangible change in territories and society.

Kindness, beauty, and happiness are the paths we have decided to follow to creatively generate impact, our goal is to involve ten realities and an international community of at least a thousand individuals with whom to build our dreams in three years.



Because we believe in WONDER and we pursue it with KINDNESS to build COLLECTIVE HAPPINES.

Because we believe that COLLABORATION MULTIPLIES THE VALUE created and with sharing, TRUST is generated.

We cultivate the dream of creating small nests that can be concrete examples for a HAPPY LIFE EVERY SINGLE DAYS.